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One must-ask question when dealing with the Tower of Techno-babble

Often, technology is inherently confounding to the business mind, in much the same way that most of us don’t comprehend what our doctors tell us about our health — unless it’s translated.

Most of us demand a decent translation of medical jargon and concepts when we face a risk to our health. And if the first attempt at translation fails, we insist on further attempts until we ‘get it.’

Then we make a decision about what to do. We might rely on physicians to help us understand the medical landscape, but we don’t want them deciding what we’ll do. We’ll never defer that choice to them. That choice is ours and ours alone.

Business executives face a similar situation when it comes to IT. Informed decisions about preserving and enhancing the value of the business require an understanding of what the business’s lifeblood — information technology — can do and how.

Business leaders must insist that the conversation about technology be conducted in business terms, not techno-babble. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, the larger context of all your technology conversations should always concern one question: What is the business value of this initiative?

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