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Introducing the 4 steps that can mitigate IT disruptions and save your business

Your organization’s ability to thrive depends on resilient information technology and data that’s available 24/7. You certainly can’t afford unanticipated downtime, a sustained system disruption, or losing your data forever.

Even comparatively brief disruptions wreck employee productivity and the ability to communicate with customers. And 60% of companies that suffer permanent data loss end up shutting down within six months.

Yet disruptions are a fact of business life. Sometimes they’re caused by major events — earthquake, fire, flood, storm — but most are triggered by distinctly more mundane causes. In fact, a couple of recent studies indicate the leading cause of disruptions to IT systems is power failures, followed by hardware failures and network failures. Together, these three types of failure account for more than 80% of IT-related business disruptions.

So I’m offering four steps you can take to help you dodge or mitigate most business IT disruptions:

  1. Back up your data — NOW!
  2. Make a solid How-We’ll-Stay-In-Business plan
  3. Test your plan — often
  4. Regularly conduct a comprehensive plan review

If all this sounds suspiciously like Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, that’s because it is. But don’t let your eyes glaze over — it really is easier to achieve than you might think.

Next time, I’ll delve into Step 1 — backing up your data.

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