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Employee smartphones and tablets getting to be a huge administrative hassle?

If so, I’ve got good news: Now it’s easy to optimize mobile communications functionality and security while minimizing downtime.

Quest’s new Mobile Device Management Service will secure, monitor, manage, and support 50 to 5,000 mobile devices, regardless of whether these devices are company-owned or BYOD (bring your own device). The Service is available for virtually all smartphones and tablets, including: iPhone® / iPad®, BlackBerry®, Windows® Mobile, Palm™, and Google Android™ / Android™ Tablet.

Our new service helps you systematically manage the explosion of mobile devices. It’ll ensure compliance with your corporate policies and tighten cost controls, too, thanks to such capabilities as

  • Identifying unused smartphones,
  • Tracking smartphone utilization rates at the individual user level, and
  • Assessing key data points (e.g., use) during business versus non-business hours.

With our service, you can remotely troubleshoot devices and remotely configure them, singly, in defined subsets, or as an entire fleet. So software and updates can be transmitted and devices can be remotely locked or wiped (useful should a device be lost or stolen).

And we’ll provide detailed real-time notifications of potential security anomalies and document compliance issues with historical reports.

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