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Don’t let your firewall get burned by employees’ mobile devices

As more and more of your employees use mobile devices, these machines may start out behind your firewall — but they don’t stay there. They move around, to other networks with different firewall rules. Or no firewall at all.

When that mobile device returns to its trusted place behind your firewall, it may carry a cyber-infection that can attack your network from the inside.

The great firewall challenge lies in balancing the tradeoffs between degree of protection, usability, and cost. That balancing act starts with understanding what your firewall actually does.

Firewall rules can be very cryptic — especially if you don’t know how to read their firewall configurations and rules. Complex legacy firewall rules are tough to understand and even tougher to line up with fast-changing real-world business requirements.

What’s more, administrators can end up adding costs and creating vulnerabilities when they tunnel through default enterprise firewall restrictions to accomplish a necessary task. Soon your swiss-cheese firewall is struggling to meet audit and compliance mandates.

The solution? Get a trusted provider to conduct a non-invasive expert analysis and firewall review. The right provider will do it remotely via secure communications then report back to you about any open threats and/or vulnerabilities in your firewall configuration. And chances are the right provider will do it for free.

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