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Don’t Ignore Infrastructure Care and Feeding

Don't Ignore Infrastructure Care and FeedingIn many ways, the opportunity potential of today’s new technologies is profound. Vendors eager to convince you that what they’re selling will transform your business are touting web applications that keep your company in front of customers round the clock, multi-cloud platforms, IoT devices, etcetera.

As important as some of these new technologies may be for your operations, don’t let yourself get so distracted that you end up neglecting your current technology infrastructure.

Monitoring, updating, patching, and keeping your core infrastructure technologies as current as possible might seem mundane — but the success of your enterprise depends on them.

That’s because your technology infrastructure is a dynamic organism — not an appliance you can plug in and ever after ignore.

Like a living, breathing being, your technology infrastructure needs tending. You need to keep an eye on it to ensure it gets the care and feeding it requires to continue performing optimally. This means ongoing monitoring and management. It means always keeping your operating systems and software and hardware patching up-to-date.

These sorts of fundamentals are what your business operations are built on, what will keep your organization more secure and able to run more efficiently and productively.

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