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Cloud Computing best practice #2: Negotiate your Cloud SLA

Cloud Computing Best Practice - Negotiating your Cloud SLA

The right Cloud service-level agreement (SLA) will enable you to bundle all your Cloud services into a single monthly OpEx payment that will …

  • Shift significant amounts of your IT costs from your capital budget into your operating budget,
  • Relieve you of constant IT asset upgrade and maintenance costs, and
  • Make it easier to manage your services and ensure that you’ve established — and continue to achieve — appropriate service levels

You may be tempted to simply sign off on the SLA that many Cloud service providers shove in front of you — because often those providers’ SLAs are proffered on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. Tempted though you may be, read the fine print, asking all the way:

  • Am I getting the security I need?
  • Will I see the performance I need?
  • Am I going to end up paying for resources I’ll probably never use?
  • How many of these Cloud SLAs am I juggling — and what kind of service gaps are they leaving me to cope with?

The right Cloud services provider will not only customize its Cloud services to fit your IT needs — they’ll also customize your SLA. That means various services SLAs can be bundled to eliminate gaps and save you from paying for what you’ll never use.

Next time: Cloud Computing best practice #1.

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