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Beyond the commoditized cloud: 3 aspects of customization

While cloud computing services save you from much of the arcane complexity inherent in today’s information technology, this can go too far when a provider eschews customization to simply sell you a cast-in-concrete service package and then walk away.

So look for a cloud services provider you can trust to take the time to understand your objectives and what’s necessary to achieve them. Without sacrificing affordability, the right cloud services provider should be able to work seamlessly with your staff, systems, policies, and procedures to design, deploy, and support the exact service solution your business needs to compete and grow.

In our experience, the best approach combines (1) greater agility, (2) lower cost, and (3) minimized risk inherent to its cloud infrastructure with flexible service delivery models — all customized to the needs of each customer.

Whether you need shared or dedicated hosting, or you prefer a private or a public cloud, your provider should take the time to understand both your objectives and what’s necessary to achieve them ¾ so you get the exact cloud solution you need and can afford.

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