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4 ways cloud computing boosts your bottom line

Cloud computing is a tried-and-true approach that exploits the universality of a new(ish) delivery mechanism: The Internet.

When you implement cloud computing solutions, you will be able to…

  • Reduce capital expenditures. You pay a monthly fee that comes out of your operating budget, not CapEx.
  • Spend less on IT operations. You pay only for the technology you actually use, which means the money you once spent maintaining the mostly-idle resources necessary to handle occasional peak loads can be devoted instead to innovations that differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • Leverage the deep resources and skills of your cloud services provider. Cloud services providers field hardware, software, and skillset resources at an amplitude you’ll never match. So when it’s time to scale up, or when you need technical expertise beyond the reach of your staff, the right cloud services provider can respond quickly with what you require.
  • Improve your IT security, privacy, and availability. The best cloud services providers operate multiple data centers built with leading-edge cloud computing virtualization technologies that actually can enhance your IT security, better ensure privacy, and increase the availability of your data and applications.

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