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Three things you need to do in order to ensure a successful wireless installation:

Begin at the beginning

Start with an assessment. Is your hardware sufficient to support a wireless installation? How many Access Points will you require? Are there any significant barriers to reception (tall trees, towers, unusually thick concrete walls...)

Determine the best way to fit the project into your budget

Is buying the equipment the best way to proceed? How will ongoing support and maintenance affect your bottom line? Have you considered a Managed Service instead?

Call Quest

Take away the worry and stress. Let Quest's experts help you get the wireless access you need. Invest in the outcome you desire, not hardware or software.

Check out our portfolio of Data/Voice Circuits:

  • Internet
  • VoIP Services
  • MPLS Networks
  • PRI or T-1 Voice Services
  • Private Lines
  • Audio and Web Conferencing Services
  • Off-site Hosting (Rack & Cage Space)

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