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A successful voice/data network implementation begins with a methodical process. In fact, you can save considerable time and money by developing an in-depth assessment when compared with troubleshooting a poorly implemented system. Knowing the limitations of existing hardware and planning accordingly is critical.

As with any project, having a reliable plan in hand is the best indication of future success. And Quest will help you get there. We begin by completing an extensive VoIP Needs Assessment. This is more than a simple laundry list of parts—much more.

A complete assessment includes examining:

  • Hardware—Routers, switches, HVAC, cable, etc.
  • Fault tolerance, load
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • PBX functionality, including conferencing, transferring, emergency (911) and hold
  • Determining requirements for additional functionalities —Integration with other voicemail systems, phone-to-phone intercom, music-on-hold, conferencing and call queuing.

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