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Why IP Video Surveillance?

IP Video is leading-edge technology offering many infrastructure advantages and is now available as a web-based or Cloud service. IP Video Surveillance offers substantial savings over traditional systems or costly security guard configurations. And now that it is available as a service, more companies than ever can afford to implement a surveillance system. The low monthly costs can be expensed like any other service making the transition to IP Video painless and affordable.

Quest is one of the leading companies in IP Video Surveillance implementation. From assessment to design and implementation, Quest’s infrastructure team will manage, build and support your Intelligent IP Video Surveillance system from beginning to end.

This can include:

  • Site survey of target points
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • System recommendation
  • Full infrastructure design
  • Project Management
  • Obtaining city and county permits
  • Implementation
  • Full system deployment
  • Building access control system integration
  • Environmental system integration
  • System maintenance
  • 24x7 managed service support