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The Company We Keep

“Quest doesn’t just send you reports. If problems are discovered they do triage — they notify us and setup an escalation matrix. Our approach has been transformed from reactive to proactive.”
Mark Michaels
Senior VP of Information Technology
Redwood Credit Union

"I have not worked with another firm who has shown me better people than Quest's. From customer service and project management to technical and sales personnel everyone is wonderfully courteous and knowledgeable."
Frank Lucido
Director of Information Technology
Bay Group International

“With Quest I was able to deliver the system with the budget I initially proposed. Now I always check with Quest before I propose a budget for a project. They’re my Go-to-Gurus.”
Robert Henderson
Director of Cyber Infrastructure for the University of the Pacific

“Versabill is leveraging Quest’s cloud services to develop and test intensive database applications in customized virtual environments...and we no longer deal with the headaches of infrastructure management.”
Clayton Pippenger

"The things that keep me coming back to Quest are their responsiveness, their knowledge of the technology, and their creativity and willingness to work through issues."
Ira Rosenthal
CIO Department of Information Technology
County of Solano California

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