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Real-time log reporting, information and analysis

Your network is changing. Cloud and virtual computing, mobility, video, VoIP and more are converging to create networks and WANs that are more complex and diverse than ever. But you can’t put off business decisions until data can be gathered. You need real-time network & security reporting to make decisions that keep up with the speed of business today.

Our team is your team: 24/7.

Risk and vulnerability aren't going away. Together, we can design, implement, and manage a comprehensive security plan that covers your networks, servers, databases, and applications. Full management can occur on-site or from our remote Network Operations Center.

Key Features:

  • Anomaly detection – Monitor your network for anything out of the norm to easily identify new or unexpected trends/issues
  • SIEM & log management combined in centralized console
  • With our real-time reporting you’ll be able to see how your security and compliance posture changes over time
  • Simplified search, filtering & reporting
  • Pre-built reports and customizable policies make reporting easy
  • Security reporting, event and log management in one simple interface
  • Two-tier data storage – Heavily indexed historical data for quick search/reporting in addition to real-time data collection and reporting