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How to Provide Your Users a "Painless" Migration

Deciding it's time to migrate to a new version email server/software is a painful experience. That's the main reason so many companies put off upgrading/migrating their email client until they've reached the breaking point. Some of the pain points include:

  • Determining how the migration will affect hardware requirements. Many companies underestimate the number of servers their new email system will need. They also fail to take into account the additional storage necessary.
  • The complexity of an email migration
  • Training and support for the new email system

Quest can help you avoid the Pain.

We're experts. Our process is time-tested and verified through hundreds of successful migrations. And we can support your installation with training to ensure your users are satisfied.

There's one question you need to ask yourself:

Do you want to invest in the equipment, or would you prefer that Quest manage your new email system? Now that you've actually made the decision to migrate, it may be a good time to look into a managed solution for your email. Think about it: No more worrying about upgrading, installing the latest SPAM or Anti-virus software. It's possible. For one low, monthly fee Quest can take ALL the pain of an email migration away.