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Security Vulnerability Assessment - Quest

Is your information technology stance competitive enough? Are your IT systems and products operating at peak efficiency? Find out with one of Quest's Assessment Services. Your assessments can be tailored to fit your organization's particular needs and goals.

Risk Management
DR Workshop by Quest

With the potential for data loss or disruption always present, our Disaster Recovery experts can help you develop a testing plan so you're prepared for the process of returning to normal operations. Our workshop includes on-site testing, analysis, and documentation of results, as well as recommendations on how to keep DR simple and affordable while ensuring functionality and compliance.

Security Workshop by Quest

Our Security Workshop invites you and your team to sit down with Quest security experts to discuss what's important to you in terms of security, and makes recommendations on how to best maximize time and investments. You'll also be able to get an optional vulnerability scan, and learn how to avoid becoming a victim of hackers, scammers, crooks, and disgruntled employees.

Risk Management Workshop by Quest

Build protection and foresight into your business model with our Risk Management Workshop, which equips you with expert insight into an ever-changing IT landscape. Identify crucial solutions to mitigate your risk and streamline business continuity. This C-level discussion also focuses on business impact analysis, crisis communications and management, disaster recovery, security vulnerability management, process management, and risk mitigation strategies.

Security Policy Workshop by Quest

With Quest's Security Policy Workshop, our security experts can sit down with you and walk through what a security policy is, what it entails, what it can do for you, and how to build one that fits the needs of your organization and its stakeholders.

Backup and Data Recovery Review by Quest

Quest's experts can walk you and your team through the many different, effective backup data and recovery technologies and capabilities, including: replication, information availability, data recovery services, and archiving. We'll help you identify the best backup and recovery solution for your organization's unique needs – based on recoverable backups and RPO/RTO requirements – and uncover any knowledge or technical gaps.

Physical Security Assessment by Quest

Quest's Physical Security Assessment examines your infrastructure and tangential assets, uncovers vulnerabilities, and evaluates your buildings, facilities, and network to develop a plan for addressing security gaps. Our security vulnerability assessment gives client-focused advice you can trust, and a no-nonsense examination that gets results.

Firewall Review by Quest

Developing and maintaining a solid, secure firewall is a core component of protecting your business against evolving hacker tactics. Our Firewall Review is a remote security vulnerability assessment of your firewall(s) that details open threats and/or configuration weaknesses, and provides a report with recommendations. The result? Better protection against data breaches and break-ins.

Business Continuity Workshop by Quest

Your business continuity plan augments your disaster recovery and risk management efforts; it focuses on the people, the policies, and the procedures to ensure reduced response time, an engaged and well-practiced recovery team, and an unscathed reputation.

Endpoint Malware Threat Assessment by Quest

Quest's Endpoint Malware Threat Assessment helps you prepare a preventative security approach against threats, including system and memory-based attacks, malicious documents, zero-day malware, privilege escalations, scripts ,and PUPs.

Cloud Workshop by Quest

Quest Cloud experts will meet with you and your team for a table-top discussion outlining the requisites to a cloud transition including: identifying capabilities that can be moved to the Cloud, determining the level of service availability needed, understanding security, privacy, and compliance requirements, and discussing the various cloud solutions that fit your needs.

Desktops as a Service Trial by Quest

Save money and hassle with Quest's Desktops as a Service (DaaS), which allows enterprises to quickly deploy desktops on virtually any device - all with the software, storage, and access you specify. Our 14-day DaaS Trial enables users to run their own end-point devices to test protocols, browsers, productivity applications, shared drives, email, and more.

Network and Infrastructure
Wireless Review by Quest

Wireless networks can be some of the most vulnerable targets for attacks. Creating a successful, secure wireless network requires careful planning, implementation, and on-going support. A Quest Wireless Review will offer suggestions for enhancing and securing your wireless network by determining if there are vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with industry network safety standards, and protecting critical access points. The diagnostic run can be performed onsite, and comes with recommendations for potential access point solutions.

Network Health & Infrastructure Check by Quest

Quest's Network Health & Infrastructure Check will analyze your IT environment – hardware, software, circuits, and workstations – to determine everyday performance levels , define areas of under- and over-utilization, and identify whether performance issues are due to scalability limits, or something else. It will also establish network redundancy for best practices and determine how well the network can support voice and video traffic.

Storage Workshop by Quest

Our Storage Workshop gives you and your team the opportunity to sit down with our experts for a comprehensive review of your storage health requirements and availability goals. We'll provide feedback on your current solutions and strategies and make recommendations for improvement.

End-of-Life Check by Quest

A Quest End-of-Life Check identifies vulnerabilities and missing upgrades, poor configuration practices, and unmet compliance regulations by performing a network scan, followed by recommendations for improvement.

Audio Visual Assessment Check by Quest

With Quest’s Audio Visual Assessment, our experts will conduct a thorough review of your current AV environment to determine any gaps between your existing functionality and organizational requirements, and provide a customized summary with actionable recommendations.

Application Development
Web Application Security Scan by Quest

Did you know that the applications you use to do business, can potentially destroy your organization? Quest's Web Application Security Scan examines your applications to identify potential security threats. Then, we recommend how you can tighten your defenses while reducing data loss and downtime to improve productivity. Our scan runs on one target application and, when completed, the identified security vulnerabilities are reviewed and discussed with corrections in mind.

Database Health Check & Analysis by Quest

System lagging and prone to crashes? This is a familiar problem for many businesses, but the results can still be absolutely crippling to productivity. Quest's Database Health Check & Analysis ensures your technology platform is optimized for performance, by identifying server bottlenecks, reducing application response time, and revealing the root causes of slow database performance.

Enterprise File Sharing Trial by Quest

If your business is looking for a safe way to share, store, and collaborate on files, Quest's Enterprise File Sharing Trial can help. For 30 days, users are able to test drive our file sharing platform to store files based on size, security, and compliance requirements, all customized for cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions.

Fortify your environment and identify security vulnerabilities to mitigate risk and add resilience to your organization's structure


Depending on your availability and requirements, we can meet with you as soon as possible, or in the near future.

Onsite workshops may be conducted at your location or at Quest's Roseville, CA office.

Recommended Attendee Titles
If you are not the business owner and/or key decision maker, please ensure they are present; business operations/decisions are directly tied to technology requirements for most organizations.

Preferred Documentation to Review
This will vary - please consult the descriptions at left for more information.

Timeline at a Glance
Pre-Workshop: Scheduling kickoff call, establishing priorities
Kick-Off Call: Introductions, agenda, expectations
Workshop: Conducted onsite (excepting remote assessments)
Final Review: Quest provides Executive Summary including recommendations & action items